Selasa, 16 Oktober 2012

SoldAtTheTop's Fables: The Dumb-Ass and the Wise-Ass

"Pull!" cried the Ass Leader continuing "... If WE all do OUR-fair-share WE shall succeed in moving this great load, for together a group as strong and as virtuous as OURS can accomplish great things!"

The group pulled hard and then pulled some more eventually budging the load and bringing it into slight forward motion.

"Are WE all doing OUR-fair-share!?" yelled the Ass Leader, "... this burden must be shared by US all for no single individual Ass could bear it alone!"

"Come on now... WE must all pull!" screamed the Ass Leader.

Just then a Wise Ass stopped pulling bringing an abrupt end to the motion of the load.

"I, for one, am not so certain that pulling this load is very fair to ME," declared the Wise Ass adding "... and besides, if no single individual Ass could alone bear this load, then how is it that when I stop pulling, the load refuses to move?"

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